April 16th, 2015
Pro-ISIS magazine bombed in Istanbul killing one writer

Adimlar, a pro-ISIS magazine in Istanbul was attacked with a bomb that left three people injured including Ali Osman Zor the editor-in-chief. A bomb had been placed on its door and it exploded killing one of the writers. The magazine has been publishing anti-American information saying that he supports what the Islamic State has been doing. According to blaze TV live news is that the editor-in-chief said that the U.S airstrikes have killed thousands of people while ISIS only killed a person. Although a staff at the magazine blamed Mossad and foreign intelligence agencies, the authorities has not yet named any suspect.

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April 12th, 2015
Bodies of the French national in Argentina crash to be flown home

Ten people were burnt to death when two helicopters crashed in Argentina during the shooting of “Dropped” a TV show. Eight of those killed were French nationals while the two pilots were Argentines. According to hln live Dr.Drew stream is that the eight French stars who include Florence Arthaud aged 57 and Alexis Vastine aged 28 as well as Camille Muffat will soon be flown home for burial. Due to the severe burning of the bodies, dental records were used to identify the bodies as per the reports from the ground. The two pilots were identified as Juan Carlos Castillo and Roberto Abate

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March 29th, 2015
A new Iraqi immigrant shot dead in Dallas

Ahmed Al-Jumaili’s dream to live in the United States of America was shuttered just 20 days after his arrival from Iraq. As per those that watch geo news live saw the news of the new immigrant to the States being shot dead by an unknown gunman as he was watching his first ever snowfall.  He was together with his brother who was not hurt while the wife of the 36 year old was taking photos to remember the moment.

The motive of the killing has not yet been established as no one has yet claimed responsibility as per geo news live stream. It could be that the two to four men involved targeted Al-Jumaili or it could be just a random shooting but the authorities are yet to find out. Security patrols have been increased in the neighborhood after the killing a report that was confirmed by Jeff Cotner, the police spokesman in Dallas.

5,000 dollars has been offered as a reward by the North Texas Crime Stoppers to anyone with information that will lead to the arrest of the perpetrators. The reward could go higher as CAIR is conducting a campaign to raise some additional amount and also to help the family with its expenses. According to geo news live online is that apart from the police, the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Fort Worth and Dallas is also involved in the case. CAIR hopes to get to the bottom of the case as per the statement by its executive director, Alia Salem.

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March 28th, 2015
The 1st anniversary of MH370

It is the first anniversary of the disappearance of MH370 that disappeared with passengers on board. The disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight remains a mystery up to date something that those that watch geo news live on the internet can attest to. Nothing has ever been recovered from the flight despite satellite and radar reports giving clues. No bodies and no wreckage or anything to do with the Boeing 777 can explain what really happened on March 8, 2014 as there have been a lot of speculations.

There are a lot of stories regarding what happened on the fateful day as per the news on geo news live stream. It could have been that there was a mechanical failure that even prevented the pilots from communicating, it could be that the plane landed somewhere in Kazakhstan, it could be that one of the pilots wanted to commit suicide, it could be that the plane was hijacked, there is also a commandeering and a guest on the cockpit theory.

As the investigations are still going on, some detailed report is supposed to be released to the public and the relatives of those aboard the MH370 when it disappeared. As per the news on geo news live online is that some data from the experts indicate that the plane veered off between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing. First Officer Fariq Abdul Hamid and Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah were the pilots onboard MH370 and Zaharie is said to have radioed the last words.

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March 22nd, 2015
From a Fun Niche to a Fun Business: How the Web Writing Industry Has Evolved

Web writing has not always been the most significant branch of search engine optimization. Before the days of WordPress and other content management platforms, web writing was a humorous niche. Followers would be fascinated by the content they were reading, but the writing engine was not yet in place.

Professional essay writers working for high-profile publications made the money in the industry. The barrier-of-entry was high, and blogging was not considered a prosperous and legitimate career path. When YouTube came along and a select few savvy video bloggers gained large audiences, marketers saw an opportunity to harness web writing in spectacular ways. It began as a glorified hobby but ended as a broad and expansive industry.

What is a Content Writer?

Kristina Writes is a professional independent content writer from Texas. Her location is hardly relevant because content writing is national and not restricted. She writes articles for clients on a breadth of topics. She gains access to these clients through content writing services, such as DotWriter, as well as direct messages that come in through her social media profile. She has managed to harness an entire business around something so ubiquitous, and it has worked extremely well.

Blogs to Content Writing Companies

Blogging largely began as a hobby where individuals discuss whatever they feel with no oversight. The job of writing professionally intermingles some of the ideas from classic blogging, but it forces a few more restrictions. Sure, individuals can still write whatever they please. In this theoretical world, a content writer can build an audience from the ground up or potentially sell their custom ‘whatever they please’ article to an article buying platform. People want what they want now, and building an audience from nothing is demanding and exhausting. Most article writers will commit to a blog on the side where they can write whatever they desire. The audience will be attracted to their work because of their honesty and the niche the writer has developed. The focus in the writing industry for most content writers now is to get involved with a platform that can facilitate their work.

Kristina Writes loves writing, and the freedom it provides is absolutely unmatched in any other industry. The writing industry, with all its controversy, offers a forum where writers do what they love whenever they love.

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March 18th, 2015
King Abdullah II said ISIS acted cowardly


The live burning of Lt. Moath al-Kasadbeh, a Jordanian pilot, there were mixed feelings around the globe according to those that watch dawn news live. The saddest part is not even the capturing, but the process that ISIS used to kill the pilot as they put him in a cage and burned him alive. Speaking out about the killing, King Abdullah II of Jordan said that although he did not watch the video that was released by the terror group, he was disgusted and saddened by the cowardly act. He said that the pilot was a tiger that was pulled by the tail. 

The king called for an international unification in fighting the terror group as it is the only way that ISIS can be dealt with successfully. He called it the World War III that all the religions must come together to win. He also said that the Islamic State as the group calls itself tries to intimidate his country and watching the killing of the Jordanian pilot was a propaganda that backfired on them. According to news on dawn news live online is that ISIS had some demands for Jordan that was never met hence the killing. 

According to news on dawn news live streaming is that, there were prisoners in Jordan that ISIS demanded should be released so that they could release the Jordanian pilot but the terror group killed the pilot before the prisoners were released. Jordan executed the prisoners after the release of the saddening video. 

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March 3rd, 2015
Drug cartel arrested in Morelia, Mexico

Those that have had time to watch hum tv live streaming can attest to that Mexico is one of the countries that have been struggling to fight drug trafficking and drug cartels.  The war has seen many people lose their lives. In the state of Michoacan, in western Mexico, vigilantes have armed themselves in fighting the Knights Templar drug cartel saying that the authorities have not been doing enough to deal with the cartel.  

The drug cartel has been in operation for many years and this has put the locals in fear as it has been able to dominate the whole state. As per those that watch hum tv live is that the locals cannot put up with the way the group earns its money. It has been involved not only in drug trafficking but also in killings as well as extortion and kidnappings. Mexican forces were sent to Michoacan State so as to assist the vigilantes in fighting the drug cartel and as per the reports from the ground. This move has weakened the group further. The armed vigilantes together with the security forces can be seen patrolling the streets to ensure that everything is in order. When you watch hum tv live online. You will get more into this story and much more. The leader of the group, Servando Gomez, was recently arrested in Morelia which is the capital of Michoacan. Popularly known as La Tuta in his drug business, Servando is a former teacher. He is the last surviving founder of La Familia.


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February 27th, 2015
Security becomes worse in Syria

The security crisis in Syria has moved from bad to worse something that those who watch pakistani news channels can attest to. The situation has kept everyone and everything in danger according to the latest reports. Thousands of people have been killed, properties destroyed and the state of the economy has deteriorated. The Islamic State has been taking towns and villages while massacring innocent civilians.

According to samaa news live stream online is that even the ancient remains are in danger of being destroyed which could even be worse in future when it comes to culture and historical heritage. One ancient remain that stood the danger of being destroyed is the tomb of Suleyman Shah which dates back 700 years ago. Located near the Euphrates River about 23 miles from Turkey, the tomb was moved to a new location.

Due the security threat, Turkish officials reported that there were about 40 Turkish soldiers guarding the process. According to samaa news live is that even the guards at the white marble mausoleum were evacuated. Although the ancient tomb has been situated in Syria, it belongs to Turkey who has had its guards on the tomb and also its flag. The Turkish foreign ministry confirmed the relocation of the tomb saying that the status of the remains was never changed and that this is only a temporary location. It is currently located near the Turkish border on the same size piece of land. Isis has posed a great danger to everything around.

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January 23rd, 2015
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January 9th, 2015
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